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Who Are We?

We are an online wedding resource for local couples! We want to give you as many resources as we can, help make your planning process easier and be your trusted advisor for everything wedding!! We have teamed up with Top Wedding Professionals in this area to help you with tips, tricks, how to’s, need to knows and much more!

Our Vision:

Top Weddings is so much more than a Wedding show or online resource. Top Weddings exists to create powerful connections between the incredible wedding industry professionals of Southwest Missouri and the new couples who deserve their day to be perfect. I want to see weddings in our region become even more unique and extraordinary, allowing the unbelievable creative energy of our Top Weddings professionals to collide with exciting visions of our clients. Most importantly, we want to help equip pros and clients alike, resourcing them with valuable tools to help create those powerful experiences.


We started this journey September 2, 2019. Our website launched October 14, 2019!

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Top Weddings Missouri owner

Broc Barton

Some might describe me as highly engaging, exuberant, visionary, and very outgoing but I’m able to adjust to the people I am with. I'm a 2w3 and an ENFJ, if those mean anything to you. But perhaps the most important thing you should know is that I am passionate about creating extraordinary experiences that are exceptionally memorable and meaningful.

Broc Barton