Top Weddings Missouri

Who Are We?
We are an online wedding resource for local couples! We want to give you as many resources as we can, help make your planning process easier and be your trusted advisor for everything wedding!! We have teamed up with Top Wedding Professionals in this area to help you with tips, tricks, how to’s, need to knows and much more!
Our Why….
We have watched for 10 years the “deer in the headlight look” that couples have when the day arrived that they are engaged!! We truly want to help take the overwhelmed feeling away. So we have created an amazing website filled with video resources, checklists and a community of Top Wedding Professionals that care about you having the BEST wedding day possible.
We started this journey September 2, 2019. Our website launched October 14, 2019!

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Top Weddings Missouri owners

Deb Ballard & Shelby Ballard

Deb is the outgoing personality and business front of Top Weddings Missouri.
Shelby is the creative and behind the scenes of Top Weddings Missouri.
We are complete opposites which allows us to work well together!
We both have a huge passion for helping couples and wedding professionals.
So of course creating a website that helped with both couples and wedding professionals was a must do!

Deb Ballard


Shelby Ballard