Owner: Erin Gamble

Phone: 417-522-6016

Website: www.gamblesphotography.com

Email: erin@gamblesphotography.com

Years in wedding industry: 2011


Personal fun fact:

Weirdest thing about me? My dream pet is a skunk… I love the smell and they have the demeanor of a cat! 

About us :

The classic portraits – everyone looking and smiling at the camera – are important… but that’s not what you’re going to want to remember about your wedding day. It’s about those raw, real, candid moments: the first teary-eyed look walking down the aisle, the fist pump during the first kiss, the twirl that went wrong during your first dance when you both almost fell. Those real moments are what you’ll want to look back on for years to come. We specialize in these candid moments! Not only will we capture the emotion, but we’ll do it in a beautiful and artistic way. We also refuse to leave a wedding until we capture something EPIC! This might include playing in the rain, jumping on a ferris wheel, getting in a pond – You can bet it will be unique, and fun, and an AWESOME SHOT!

Why I love what I do!

Capturing something epic, something exciting, something real – That is what I’m all about. I’m a story teller by nature, and that’s what I want to do for everyone that works with me!

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