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Owner: Erin Gamble

Phone: 417-522-6016

Website: www.idoproposals.com

Email: erin@gamblesphotography.com

Years in wedding industry: 2016

Personal fun fact:

We once planned and photographed a proposal on the beaches of Belize!

About us :

Erin here – Photographer and hopeless romantic! A few years ago I realized a special need…. a need for romance… a need for organization…. a need for creativity….. specifically in proposals! Let’s face it, asking someone to marry you is a BIG DEAL, and it’s hard. I’m here to help! Whether it’s just the planning/idea stage, or the set up, or secretly shooting the whole affair, I’m here with you every step of the way. You’re working with The ‘Ask’ Expert 😉

Why I love what I do!

I’m naturally a storyteller and I love truly emotional moments. There is nothing that brings on more anxiety, anticipation, and pure joy than a perfectly executed proposal!

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