Owner: Micheal Lassen & Chris Childers

Phone: 417-988-1009

Website: NoBakedcookiedough.com/Springfield

Email: Springfield@nobakedcookiedough.com

Business started: April 2019

Personal fun fact:

We started so we could get out of the corp world, we are very involved in the community, you can BAKE these!

Why I love what I do!

My why is freedom, freedom to see my family and go to ballet and gymnastics, I have 3 little girls which works since my previous life was all pink and glitter why not work in a store full of pink and glitter now, in the corporate world, I was traveling all the time missing milestones and parties and everything just for the money. Chasing the money didn’t lead to money but other downfalls so when you have to time to focus on yourself and family everything else falls into place. Fast forward to now and I spend more time with every girl together and 1 one 1 and get to attend extracurriculars and school functions take them to school and pick them up. Relationships are becoming stronger and more fun and that would not be the case if we weren’t fortunate enough to run with this venture. Plus who doesn’t love cookie dough! We are able to spend time giving back and trying to build a better community for not only my little girls but all the people in Springfield, when i left over a decade ago, it wasn’t the same town and now after 6 months of being back and being able to meet such wonderful people and see what everyone is trying to do with this city,.its inspiring and NoBaked wants to do their part to contribute!

About us :

We are the family first, community driven, non-traditional to the traditional dessert eatery of Springfield. We will go above and beyond to make your special day “dough-licious” and stress free.

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