Owner/Manager: Shelby Chante’ Hall

Phone: 417-252-3352

Website: www.shelbychantephoto.com

Email: shelbychantephoto@gmail.com

Business started: 2012

Personal fun fact:

I first met my husband at a wedding. I was the photographer and he was the best man. We still joke about how I have a “thing for groomsmen” haha!

Why I love what I do!

Of course, I love all of the pretty things. I love the dresses, diamonds, shoes, and flowers. I love it when people cry. I know that seems a bit odd, but to capture that raw emotion feels like such a gift. But I think my most favorite part of photographing a wedding stems from 100 nights of watching rom-coms with my mom and sisters.

About us :

The idea of capturing pure love is intoxicating. Not just the bride and groom, but their families as well. Sometimes I am completely taken back by the tangible joy in a room. You can feel it all around you and it is beautiful. Even typing this now, I feel so thankful to my clients for sharing those personal moments with me.
I am a wedding and portrait photographer who loves to travel.

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