Owner: Lacy Stewart 

Phone: 636-328-2580



Years in wedding industry: May 2016

Personal fun fact:

I live a glamorous life.  Most days you can find me out on the farm wearing very attractive coveralls covered in pig poop.

Why I love what I do!

Because it has meaning! We love community, growing ours, and advocating for yours.  Hosting weddings is a wonderful way to get to know couples on a personal level, bring them into our community, and help them plan an event for theirs and keep themselves at the center of it.

About us :

The Co-Op is an industrial modern outdoor venue.  We like to keep the focus on the couple and the beautiful nature surrounding us.  Located on top of a hill on our 50 acre farm in Pleasant Hope, we like to come along side couples to help them make the day a reflection of their personalities and relationship together.

Learn About The Co-Op Venue

Learn About
The Co-Op Venue

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