Aly & Daniel

Wedding June 2020

From Aly...

"I first knew about Daniel when he went to line school down in Georgia with a friend of mine. My friend posted a picture on Instagram with him, and I thought Dan was just the most handsome guy I had ever seen! So I followed him on Instagram only to find out he was from Colorado! Told myself “oh gosh well I’m never gonna meet this guy.” Fast forward about 8 months to October 27, 2018, me and some friends were getting ready to go out for Halloween. My friend that went to line school had mentioned that his friend Dan was gonna join us since he’s started working here in Missouri. (I didn’t even think twice about that name, it went completely over my head.) Then Dan walked through the door and my heart immediately started racing. (Keeping in mind, I still had no idea he was the guy from Instagram.) we all introduced ourselves and made our way to Springfield to my favorite bar downtown Finnegan’s. If you’ve ever been there it’s definitely just a “grab your drink and chill” kind of bar, but that night a country song was playing overhead and I turned to my best friend and said, “man this song makes me wanna two step!”. Then I feel a tap on my shoulder and Dan asked me if I wanted to dance!! I was so nervous but I couldn’t say no! So we danced while strangers just sat there and watched. Dan is so good at dancing let me tell ya! Haha after everything winded down and everyone went to bed Dan and I stayed up talking till 5 AM! we talked about anything and everything. I finally figured out he was the boy from Instagram, and we had a pretty good laugh about that. Haha Talking to him was easy like we had known each other for our whole lives. He’s my best friend, my soul mate, my person. I thank Jesus everyday for crossing our paths, and I cannot wait to marry him in June! ❤ "- Aly (Bride)

From The Pro...

"Aly reached out to me on facebook after getting engaged because her sister had seen my work and recommended me. I met her and Daniel at Aly's house which was on her family farm for their engagement session. We hoped in Daniel's truck and went all over the 1000 acre farm exploring all of the best sites and hoping out for photos in the spots where the light was just right! I'm sure they thought I was crazy when I kept saying, "just a little farther," and "ooh ohh over there!" By the end though, I think they saw the method to my madness. My favorite thing about Aly and Dan is that they are so easy to talk to and so so sweet! I love how Aly was so proud of her family farm and how Dan was so excited to tell me the story of how they met! I instantly knew these two where perfect for each other as soon we met and I am so excited for their big day in June!" -Lacie (Photographer)