Bryce & Ann

September 16, 2018

"Bryce and I went to college together and had a common friend, my dorm roommate, Sara (bridesmaid #2). She was a mechanical engineering major and so was Bryce. She became friends with Bryce and his roommate. She dated his roommate for about 2 years, but anyway... I saw him periodically throughout Freshman year but didn't hang out. Sophomore year we hung out more as friends and went to parties and such as a group since my roommate was dating his roommate. Towards the end of sophomore year we started dating, but nothing official. Summer happened and we didn't speak to eachother. Fast forward to end of Junior year and we meet up again and make it official. That was in 2009, so we have been together since then. In May 2010 I graduated college and took a job in Manhattan, KS while Bryce stayed in Pittsburg. We did long distance for 4 years. I didn't like my job in Kansas City at the time and decided to take the leap and move to Springfield to be with Bryce.

We don't remember our first date or anything. For the first couple years we enjoyed going to dinner and a movies a lot. We would periodically pick up some food and eat a park during the nice days. In these days we also did a lot of putt putt golf and bowling. Which I dominated him in both. 🙂 When we were long distance we would make a point to visit eachother as often as possible and talk on the phone a lot as well. Bryce hates talking on the phone, so this obviously meant a lot. During the long distance our weekends were spent either hanging out on the couch inside or showing eachother different things about the town we lived in.

Currently we enjoy kayaking on the weekends, going to movies and trying out new restaurants. I made Bryce a shadow box about 4 years ago that consists of tickets of movies, concerts, shows, museums, etc that we attend with eachother. It has gotten quite full. We also enjoy trying new drinks and making them at home. Our liquor selection could be considered alarming. We consider it diverse and unique. We have begun to host a tacky xmas party each year. This year will be the 4th one. We enjoy hosting and hanging out with friends whenever we can. We also enjoy playing with our fur babies and tending to our ridiculous garden (about 19 tomato plants now).

What I love about Bryce: His eyes, how he always puts others first, and how he sweetly says goodbye to me every morning even if I am half asleep and cranky.

What Bryce loves about me: Her crazy sense of humor, she makes me want to be better, and how she says "i love you" with her smile. "
- Ann (Bride)

"The moment I sat down with Ann and Bryce in the early planning stages of their wedding I knew this was my couple. They were down to earth, knew what they wanted from their day and loved to have a good time with great taste. They had selected some of the best vendors in our area and the venue was no exception. The day of their wedding was one of the most relaxed that I have witnessed. Luckily Ann had hired a wedding coordinator and since she had hired me for ten hours the day was relaxed and without any rush. We had gone over how the day should unfold photography wise and they both knew they wanted a first look that way they could get to their reception much quicker. So my assistant and I had the pleasure of scoping out the perfect spot for the two of them to have a private first look. You could feel the anticipation and excitement from Bryce to see his bride and as she walked up behind him she shouted "Nice butt" and everyone laughed easing the moment with humor. He turned around to see his bride and it did not disappoint because he was smitten. From there the rest of the pictures took place with the bridal party which were equally as fun as the bride and groom. Every detail of the day was carefully thought out, from the succulents on the tables to the ceremony location out on the Haseltine lawn. As the ceremony began Ann was accompanied by her father in a car that drove her to the end of the aisle. The ceremony itself was sweet with the right amount of laughter. The reception did not disappoint either. From the DJ service to the bartending service, it made for the perfect night for everyone to dance the night away, even a coordinated dance planned out by the father and the bride. It really was a perfect day filled with so many loved ones of the bride and groom, you couldn't help but feel like you were also apart of the family that day. "
-Candy (Photographer)