Colton & Rachel

June 25, 2020

Love Story...

"Colton and I's relationship began during my senior year in high school. It was the week of the first home football game, and I asked Colton if I could wear his jersey that Friday. He said yes and that is where our story begins! That Friday night, following the football team's win, Colton asked me to meet him to hang out. We spent the night driving around our small town talking and hanging out with our friends in the high school parking lot. We quickly became inseparable.and began hanging out as much as we could during the week and every weekend. After two weeks, Colton asked me to be his girlfriend. We spent the rest of my senior year making many memories together. The summer after I graduated, Colton and I ended up going our separate ways. 3 years later, our paths crossed and we reconnected again. We quickly found out that our love for one another was still there. While we had changed and grown over the years apart, we knew that some high school sweethearts are just meant to be. My favorite thing that Colton tells me is, "It's always been you." We are so excited to celebrate our love with family and friends at our wedding in June!" -Rachel (bride)

From The Pro...

"Rachel has been assisting and second shooting for me at weddings for the past 5 years. To say we have grown close, would be an understatement. In those 5 years, we have discussed her dream man and dream wedding. When she is with Colton, her entire face glows. Her smile grows wider and her laughter is constant. I knew a proposal wasn't far away. Colton called me the week before I was doing fall minis to see if he could book a slot. I was kind of shocked because Colton does not like pictures. He said he had a ring and he was going to propose at the shoot. He continued to tell me that I had to spin it to Rachel at a wedding we were doing on Saturday. I had to make her think it was my idea and that she needed to force Colton into just coming and taking some couple photos. So easy though. Rachel loves photos. Colton was so nervous and Rachel had no idea. I can't wait to photograph their wedding and see Rachel and Colton's relationship come full circle." - Shelby (photographer)