Mitchell & Hannah Northern

Wedding Oct. 13, 2019

Our Love Story...

Mitchell and I met in highschool theater, he played the Mad Hatter and I was the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. But it wasn't until our freshman year of college that we reconnected at a mutual friend's party. He offered to drive me home after every friend gathering and soon we were texting and calling at all hours of the night. After 4 months of this back and forth he asked me to be his girlfriend the day AFTER Valentine's day. 🙂 From there we dated for two years, learning each other and helping each other grow. Somewhere during that time we decided that we should make our partnership permanent. On January 1st 2019 he asked me to marry him (after I had already booked our venue and picked out my dress). We have been blessed with so many experiences large and small. Such as our wedding and traveling to Europe, also cooking together and learning how to dance. We are a balance for each other and he makes every day brighter. - Hannah

Story From The Wedding Pro...

Mitchell and Hannah were so amazing from the beginning. From the first time we met, I could feel the love they share within the steps of being near them. When Hannah told me she loved all things vintage, I knew we were a match. She said to me, that’s exactly why she hired me. We spent their engagement session getting to know each other, and I had just had my daughter four weeks prior, so they were very welcoming and eager to meet her. Their engagement session is the only session she has ever gone too, and she made it extra fun! Their entire wedding day was full of so much joy and excitement. Both sides of the family played a huge roll in the day, and you could feel the love radiating everywhere. One of the most memorable moments from their wedding day was a private foot-washing ceremony before the ceremony, and I thought it was such a beautiful moment to be shared privately, just as a first look is. Meeting this couple the few times before their wedding day gave me the impression they weren’t much for dancing, and BOY WAS I WRONG! First off, Hannah and her parents choreographed a dance to a back street boys song to start the reception followed by a night of dancing; it was unbelievably fun! The entire guest list was dancing by the end of the evening! - Kayla