Kaitlyn & Matthew

September 20, 2019

"Our love story starts in the Summer of 2014 when Matt and I were exploring the wonders of Tinder. After countless swiping to the left we eventually landed on each other's pictures but apparently Matt didn't make the strongest of impressions because it took another few months before we would actually meet in person. On September 21st of that year, I took a chance on an invite to meet up with Matt and three of his rugby buddies with the stipulation that he would take me on a date the following day. The next day came and Matt did end up taking me on that date but as we were wrapping up I told Matt I needed to go home and do homework. Matt mentioned that he also needed to go because his dad needed some help. Later I found out that Matt's dad was a teacher and Matt would type his lesson plans out for him on a weekly basis as computers weren't Mr. Brotemarkle's strong suit. Needless to say my heart melted and I was hooked. Fast forward 4 years, through a trip to New Zealand, more rugby games then I care to count, back-country camping in Yellowstone, and countless museums; Matt knew he had found the one. After hearing my best friend Jana, and her husband John, were coming in town Matt hatched a plan. Matt took me, along with Jana, and John to see one of the new exhibits at the Art Museum. After a few hours in the exhibit it was time for the real event to start. Matt suggested we all go out to see the view over Art Hill which is my favorite spot in all of St. Louis. As we went out the doors we realized the road was barricaded off for construction. After seeing that I suggested we just go to lunch. Within seconds Matt, Jana, and John in unison said, "Nah let's look anyways". It didn't take much convincing and a smile came over my face. Once we were looking at the best view in St. Louis Matt put his arm around my shoulders and whispered what some people theorize were the most romantic words in the world. It must have been, because a second later he was on his knees pulling out the ring and I said "but I have keys in my hand". Though it may not have been, "Yes, Matt you're the best," it was good enough. So many happy tears and a lot of red cheeks from Matt, as Jana and John cheered."- Kaitlyn (Bride)

From The Pro...

"Kaitlyn and Matt were referred to me by one of my amazing wedding couples that they were friends with. The first time I met them was on the wedding day and my team and I were greeted with happy faces and lots of love. We felt like part of the family from the very second we walked through the doors of their family home. After spending a few hours with the wedding party and capturing all of the moments leading up to the ceremony it was time for Matt to see Kaitlyn coming down the aisle of the wedding chapel. They waited to see each other for the first time at the ceremony, so before that moment, emotions were intense. When those doors opened....WOW is the only word that comes to mind. Matt's face was priceless and at that moment, not having experienced their love for each other until then I knew instantly they were meant to be together. I still remember Matt's smile to this day. Those smiles continued on throughout our time photographing the wedding party before the reception and the party lasted well into the evening. It was so gorgeous and we're excited to say that we get to spend another wedding day with them in October this year for Kaitlyn's sister's wedding. There's really nothing better in this life than to be such an integral part in telling these love stories for these beautiful people we meet. We wish Matt and Kaitlyn endless years of happiness and joy!" -Jared (Photographer)