Danny & Sarah

September 26, 2020

"I always thought the whole idea of love at first sight was so cliche until it happened to me. Danny and I met at one of my best friend's wedding (she was marrying his brother). I was a little early to the wedding and as I stood around looking for some familiar faces, I saw this super attractive guy walk out of the guys dressing room area. We both stopped and locked eyes and it was love at first sight! We were both a little shy about initiating conversation, so after some prompting from a friend, we started talking during the reception and the rest is history! We got engaged May 7, 2019, while on vacation at Panama City Beach. We went for a sunset walk on the beach and he said he saw some dolphins (that were not really there this time) and as I was scanning the water for dolphins, he got down on one knee. PCB will always have a special place in our hearts!

We had planned the wedding for May 2, 2020, but on the evening of July 16th, I got the worst phone call of my life. Danny's mom called me as I was driving home from work and told me that I needed to turn around and head to the hospital because Danny had been in an accident on the farm. No one would give me any details over the phone, but I knew it was bad when they said he was getting loaded into the ambulance. He had been working on a tractor in the shop and when he was under it, it popped into gear and ran him over (that particular tractor weighs approx. 14k lbs). Everyone else was still out in the hay fields and Danny laid there for almost 2 hours before he remembered the SOS feature on his iPhone. His phone was in his pocket and the screen was shattered, but thankfully the SOS still worked and sent the call to 911. He went straight into surgery upon arrival at the hospital and had a ruptured diaphragm, ruptured bladder, collapsed lung, several intestinal tears, and a shattered pelvis. It was truly a miracle that he even survived the accident and he was known as "the miracle man" in the ICU. We spent 19 long days in the hospital.

During one of our late night ICU talks, he was telling me things he had thought about while he was laying there, wanting to give up, but then he thought about me and how he had to marry me and couldn't just leave me, so he fought to stay alive (and my tears started flowing!). Our time together in the hospital just strengthened and solidified our love for each other. He is the definition of strength and determination, in my book! He had to spend 3 months in a wheelchair before he could begin any physical therapy. A lot of people told me "oh if you guys can get through this together, you can get through anything," and I truly believe there is nothing we cannot overcome as a couple now. As of today, he is back to doing all the things he loves- farming, riding horses with me, kayaking, etc. and I am so incredibly proud of him! He never lost his positive attitude or his sense of humor throughout this ordeal and he is my inspiration any time I'm facing a challenge. He had wanted to keep all the wedding plans the same and said that was his motivation to walk again and get better. Unfortunately, COVID-19 happened and we have had to postpone the wedding until September 26th. Hopefully, we will not have any other hurdles between now and then, but even if we do, I know we can overcome anything together!"

- Sarah (Bride)

"Danny almost didn't make it to this shoot.... He had a horrific tractor accident that involved basically crushing his pelvis and it's a miracle he's even alive today. I'm so happy to say not only did he make it to the shoot, HE'S WALKING, dancing, laughing, and even climbing trees! I'm so amazed and grateful for his recovery, and I know Sarah is the happiest girl in the world and it shows 😍"

-Erin (Photographer)