Guests Paying For Their Meal

This may be 2022’s most unique and controversial wedding trend.

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Picture this, you and your partner planning the wedding of your dreams. A beautiful venue in a romantic location, your dream dress with the perfect combination of lace and pearls, and everyone who means the most there to support you two on your special day. But there’s one problem, you realize that dinner for everyone is a bit out of your price range.

Lets face it, sometimes planning a wedding costs more than you thought! If you’re experiencing this, we got you! We believe that you deserve the day you have forever dreamed of. There’s a new cutting edge trend that might be your saving grace and we’re here to bring you all the pros and cons.

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Traditional weddings usually imply that the hosts will cover the meal but it is becoming more and more common to ask your guests to cover their own meal. Is it worth including this ask on your invitation? Here are the pros and in our next blog we will discuss the cons. 

The biggest pro is the ability to cut costs. Caterers can get pricey, so having each person cover their cost per plate takes that burden off of you and your new spouse. 

Secondly, the stress of who to invite or not invite may become a little easier for the mere fact that dinner cost is no longer in question. So in this sense the more the merrier! 

With dinner costs covered by your guests, you and your new spouse will be able to delegate your budget elsewhere. Whether that be to a photographer to capture your big day, a videographer, a beautiful cake, or maybe you two want to put a down payment on a house! 

If you plan to have your guests pay for their own meal, be sure to include that on your invitation to avoid any confusion the day of. You can do this in a couple different ways. 

Having several menu options with prices on your invitation would easily imply that your guests cover their own meal. You also can give the option of asking the guests to pay for their meal instead of bringing a gift. Lastly the term “no host” interprets that your guest will be responsible for their meal.

hether you ask your guests to cover their meal or not, remember this is your day so you make the rules. You deserve the most perfect day, whatever that looks like for you.


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